Customer FAQs

Do you provide landscape design?

Yes, drop us an e-mail at with some pictures of your garden and your requirements/briefing and we'll get back to you with a quote and timelines.

Do you provide tree surgery services?

No, we currently do not provide tree surgery services.

Do your gardeners need access?

Yes, although you may not need to be there at the time of the service if you give us instructions on how to access the garden.

Can I apply more than one promo code to a booking?

No, only one promo code can be applied to an individual booking, however you can get further discounts by booking more than 1 hour, through subscribing and when you've been referred by a friend.

How do I cancel my booking?

In your account you will be able to see all your bookings. Open a booking by clicking or tapping on it. Tap or click on the 'Cancel' button. Tell us why you need to cancal and click 'Yes' to confirm.

How can I check your prices?

We've tried to make pricing as simple as possible. For now we offer all your essential gardening services under a single hourly rate. We're constantly reviewing prices to ensure they offer great value. This means prices will vary over time and by location. When you make a new booking and add services the prices will be shown. We can also offer some bespoke services on request but we can only offer a quote after we've visited you.

I am unhappy with the service I received. How can I complain?

Whilst we hope everyone always gets impeccable service every once in a while things may go wrong. In your account you will be able to see all your bookings in your dashboard. Press the 'Options' buttons then 'Raise an issue'. Please include as much detail as you can as we'll use this to work out how to help. Remember with our no-fee guarantee you'll only get charged after the job's done and any payment will be put on hold until we've resolved your issue.

How can I leave a review?

We hugely value your feedback - it's how we learn to improve. In your account you will be able to see all your bookings. You can leave feedback for jobs you've paid for by pressing the 'Options' button and then 'Rate gardener'. Add a star rating (the more stars the better) and some comments.

I can't find the help topic I'm looking for. What do I do?

Contact us at or give us a call on 0333 360 1316.

Do you have a physical address?

Yes - our office address is 130 Old Street London EC1V 9BD. However we only respond to statutory mail (e.g. the taxman) from this address. Please contact us via live chat or email us at for a prompt response.

How can I contact you?

The best way to contact us is by live chat (when you visit the website) or email ( We try to respond as fast as possible but we target all responses within 1 working day. You can also call us on 0333 360 1316.

My gardener asked for payment. What do I do?

Do NOT give the gardener any money! We only ever take payment securely online. We never take payment earlier than 24 hours after the job is completed. We also offer you the no-fee guarantee so payment is postponed whilst we resolve any issues you may have. Please inform us immediately at if your gardener asks for any payment.

I have a dispute with my gardener. What do I do?

First of all raise an issue against the booking in your account. The fastgardener team personally review all issues and we will attempt to reach a fair solution. If you're still unhappy as we're an online service and we're based in the EU you can visit the EU Online Dispute Resolution Platform website ( Our contact details are available on our site and we can provide you with those of your gardener as well.

What do you do with waste?

Waste will be bagged up and left on your premises although we can remove it for an additional fee. We will use the appropriate wheelie bin where available so do please specify if you do not want us to do this. If you want us to clear the waste off-site please let us know. We'll call you once we know the quantity of waste and the cost for removal to confirm whether you're happy with the proposed charge before proceeding.

Are you insured?

Of course! We have policies for public liability insurance (up to £1 million) and employer's liability insurance (up to £10 million) with Covea Insurance PLC.

I have a promo code. How can I use it?

When you create a booking you can apply a promo code in the booking summary. Once you hit Apply you'll see the discount applied to the booking summary.

Can promo codes be applied to recurring bookings?

Promo codes only apply to a single booking so if you use one when you make a recurring booking the discount will be applied only to the first instance.

My promo code hasn't worked. What should I do?

Drop us a note at or raise an issue with your booking and a member of the fastgardener team will be in touch. Some of our promotions are time-limited so ensure you use them before they expire.

What garden maintenance services do you provide?

Our garden maintenance services includes: lawn mowing; weeding; edging; pruning; leaf/debris clearance; hedge trimming and planting. This is for the labour only. Gardeners will bring their own equipment.

Do you provide jet washing services?

Many of our gardeners will do jet washing although we will need access to electricity and water. Specify you're looking for jet washing when you book by adding special instructions.

Do you offer any discounts if I refer a friend?

Absolutely! We're dead chuffed you'd recommend us and we will of course give you a discount as thanks. To refer a friend, go to the "Refer a friend" page and enter your friends' e-mail addresses or copy the link and post on Facebook. Once your friend's first booking has been paid for you'll get 500 fastgardener reward points (worth £5) and your friend will get £5 off their booking. We'll give you 500 reward points for each friend you successfully refer.

More than one gardener carried out the work. Do I have to pay double?

The hourly charge is per person per hour. Our gardeners often operate in small teams. If a team of 2 gardeners attends a 2 hour booking then you could expect them to finish in 1 hour.

Is a minimum spend required to use a promo code?

The shortest booking duration we offer is 1 hour. None of our current offers require a minimum spend beyond that.

I'm not comfortable giving you my credit card details. Can I pay after the service is complete?

Handling your data securely is extremely important to us. There are 3 reassurances we provide: (1) Our no-fee guarantee means we only take payment 24 hours after the job has been completed so you have a chance to check the work. (2) We use stripe to store your card details and process your payments. This means (i) no one at fastgardener can see your card details and (ii) those details are safe because Stripe uses the most stringent security measures in the payments industry. (3) We have an SSL certifcate for our website providing an extra layer of security. What we can't do is accept your booking without payment card details. The risk to us is that we're left without a means to take payment which could leave us out of pocket as we always make prompt payments to our gardeners. Most companies will charge at the point of placing a booking so we feel we've done everything we can to minimise the worry factor.

Will you guarantee that all the work I want doing will be carried out in the time I've booked?

We have provided a calculator for you to draw your garden and help you estimate the hours it will take to complete the work. Although all our gardeners are very hard-working and aim to please we're reliant on your self-assessment of the effort required so we can't guarantee to complete the work. Rather than make you wait days for an onsite visit and a quote, when you book with fastgardener you book a specific number of hours and you get a price immediately. This may not be sufficient to cover everything you're hoping for in a single visit. Discuss your requirements with your gardener and amend the number of hours for future bookings to ensure your gardener has sufficient time.

Why is a pre-authorisation charge showing on my card before the work has been completed?

We use Stripe to handle payments and pre-authorisation charges. We conduct a pre-authorisation for any first time customers and orders over £100 in value. That is, we place a request against your stored card to the value of the services requested to ensure the card is legitimate and that there are sufficient funds on the card to cover the costs. Although we haven't actually taken payment, this will use up a portion of your credit limit until the authorisation is removed. We will only deduct money from your stored card 24 hours after the work was completed and you will see it on your statement as a charge for fastgardener services. Please note the above guidance only applies to garden maintenance services under £200 in value. Payment terms for garden design work and orders over £200 will be set out in the respective invoices / quotes.

What's included in the hourly rate?

All your gardening essentials are covered in our simple hourly rate. This includes: lawn mowing; weeding; edging; pruning; leaf/debris clearance; hedge trimming and planting. This is for labour only. You can buy your own plants or let us know via the special requests text box when you book and we'll give you a quote to supply plants.

My gardener has offered to do the job cheaper if we go direct with them. What should I do?

We feel we offer great value for money so do please let us know if you're being offered a lower price. When customers and gardeners agree to our terms they are agreeing that the jobs booked via our service and any follow-on work must be paid for via the fastgardener service. We price ourselves competitively and offer a convenient service. Independent gardeners won't be as easy to book as us. If they let you down then you're stuck. You're also likely to be asked to pay in cash on your doorstep. You're in safe hands with fastgardener. We personally vet all our gardeners and handle all complaints. With our no-fee guarantee you know you won't pay a penny unless we deliver a satisfactory service. Payments are cashless and processed securely online. We can arrange alternative gardeners if you're ever let down. We offer superior speed and convenience as you can book online and on your mobile in seconds. Further more, we have procedures in place to monitor instances where gardeners circumvent fastgardener. If a gardener is found to have circumvented fastgardener they will charged a hefty fee to cover our costs.

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Gardener FAQs

I have accepted a 2 hour job but I have a team that could do it in less time. Will I get paid the full amount?

The cost is per person per hour rather than a set duration. If 2 people completed a 2 hour job in 1 hour you'd still get paid for 2 hours work.

I've tried to register but I'm having difficulties. What should I do?

Drop us a note as and we'll be in touch to understand the problem and resolve it.

I've done a job that took me longer than the hours booked. Will I get paid for the additional time?

The customer must be informed and agree before any further charge can be incurred. Let the fastgardener team know so we can get confirmation from the customer (in case you weren't able to speak to the customer yourself) and bill the right amount. Our aim is to be transparent and fair.

I'm not VAT registered. Why is VAT on the invoice?

Our company is VAT registered and therefore obligated to add VAT to all our invoices.

I received an invoice from fastgardener. Do I need to pay anything?

No, the fastgardener fee is deducted before we send any payment to you.

Why am I receiving invoices from fastgardener?

A fee is levied by fastgardener for every booking you accept. This fee covers our marketing investment, customer service and automated payment processing. The fee is deducted automatically before we transfer funds to you for carrying out our jobs.

When will I get paid?

Payment should be made within 7 working days. Customers are charged 24 hours after a job is marked as complete to give them a chance to assess your work. The customer may raise an issue in that time. We pause any pending payments whilst an issue remains unresolved. So we encourage you to seek the customer's confirmation that they're happy with your work before your leave the site and that you resolve any issues quickly to speed up getting paid.

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