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Gardening Services
Pruning Plants
Our gardeners are professionals which means they know how to take care of your plants properly. Pruning enables your plants to flourish and bloom.
Trimming Hedges
Training and maintaining clean edges with your topiary and hedges requires the right skills, experience and tools. Our professional gardeners will give you the look you're after.
Raking Leaves
Whether it's autumn leaf fall, grass clippings or the result of pruning/trimming, gardens generate waste. We'll bag it all up and pop it in your "green waste" bin. Otherwise, for an additional charge we can arrange to have this taken off site.
Mowing the lawn
There's no substitute for a real, grass lawn. Our gardeners will give you the clean lines and crisp edges you're looking for. Specialist lawn care, such as scarification, can be provided at additional cost.
Planting can be back-breaking work that's murder on your knees. If you're looking for assistance our gardeners are happy to assist. Let us know if you'd like plant selection advice or for us to buy the plants for you. We'll give you a quote.
Giving Advice
Our gardeners are friendly folk who will be only too happy to spend time with you giving you advice on how to get the most out of your garden. Feel free to ask them questions and get notified when they respond to your queries.
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